Images: Me And My Mech - The Sci-Fi Art Of Kenn Little

This is a collection of sci-fi art from Kenn Little.

Little is a freelance artist and filmmaker based out of Kansas City. His sci-fi digital art looks like it could fit perfectly into some of our favorite sci-fi films. You can view more of his work here. Check out his bio and art below.

"Adept, multidisciplinary designer and videographer with an attention to detail and penchant for pixel precision. From record companies and bands to insurance companies and authors, I’ve worked with a diverse list of clients on an equally varied list of projects ranging from logos, cover design and typography all the way to music video, short form documentary and visually enhanced live performance design. With an arsenal of creative tools extending from the simplicity of pencil and paper to the complexity of 3D design, I am poised to tackle any project. My desire is to never be content with my current skill set and to continue learning and honing my abilities with each new challenge in the effort to provide my best creative work to every project I work on."