Images: A Collection Of Radical Movie Themed Beer Labels

Popcorn will always be king when it comes to movie treats, but a new trend is fast emerging. Beer! As craft breweries continue to thrive, brewers are enticing film goers with a wave of movie inspired concoctions. With clever names and flashy labels, these brews are a must for beer drinking film and television fans. 

Unfinished Business - Japanese Emperor Stout
Perrin Brewing Company - Comstock, Michigan

Featuring the likeness of (bleep), this barrel aged stout brewed with Japanese rice is not to be messed with. With a 13% ABV, this brew will hit you harder than a perfectly executed Five Point Palm Exploding Heart Technique. This is a bottle best shared with a friend in even-Steven proportions.

Chief Hopper- Double IPA
Shorts Brewing Company - Elk Rapids, Michigan

This double IPA brewed with Vic Secret, Simcoe, and Centennial hops pairs perfectly with Eggo waffles. At 9% ABV, this brew will have you in the Upside Down if you’re not careful. If ‘80s nostalgia and Demogorgons tickle your inner geek, then raise a glass of Chief Hopper. Just be careful around those Christmas lights.  

The Dude’s Rug - Chai Cider
B. Nektar Meadery - Ferndale Michigan

The next time you’re at one of Jackie Treehorn’s famous beach parties, forgo the usual White Russian and crack open a bottle of The Dude’s Rug. The unique blend of black tea and sweet spices will make even The Jesus envious. With a 5.5% ABV, multiple enjoyment of this cider is like completely doable man. Warning: Does not pair well with The Eagles. 

Redrum Ale - Red Ale
Estes Park Brewing - Estes Park, Colorado

Come drink with us Danny. Brewed in the scenic resort town of Estes Park, Redrum Ale pays homage to the historically haunted Stanley Hotel, famously known for inspiring Stephen King’s novel The Shining. If all work and no play have you feeling like a dull boy, enjoy a glass of Redrum Ale. We promise we won’t tell Mrs. Torrence. 

Black Phillip - Cranberry and Blood Orange Cider
Blakes Hard Cider Co. - Armada, Michigan

Black Phillip says you are wicked. This cranberry and blood orange cider is made from the fruits of our lord and savior. Fresh Michigan apples, as pure as the garden of Eden, have been picked and pressed to help ease thou's sinister thirst. Temptation is a wall that must be scaled. Wouldst thou like to live deliciously. 

Hop Gun - East Coast-Style IPA
Funky Buddha Brewery - Oakland Park, Florida

After playing a tough match of beach volleyball to the rocking sounds of Kenny Loggins, Hop Gun is the perfect thirst quencher. Featuring notes of grapefruit and pineapple, this IPA goes down smoother than Maverick’s F-14 Tomcat on the U.S.S. Enterprise. Pairs well with roasted goose!

$5 Shake - Vanilla, Red Apple, Blueberry Pale Ale
Cinema Brewers - Amsterdam, Netherlands

The next time Mia Wallace asks for a foot massage, offer up a bottle of $5 Shake instead. Even if you've given 1000 ladies a 1000 foot massages, it's best to play it safe in regards to Mr. Wallace's wife. This fruity ale is sure to make any lady happy, and more importantly, will help avoid great vengeance upon thee. Pairs well with Big Kahuna Burgers.

The Fall of Ryesengard - Black Rye Ale
Broken Goblet Brewing - Bristol, Pennsylvania

They're taking the hobbits to Ryesengard!!!! After a tough battle against Saruman and his Uruk-hai army, celebrate your victory with a mug of The Fall of Ryesendgard. At 6.6% ABV, this dark ale will take you down faster than the riders of Rohan if you're not careful. It even comes in pints. Hail the victorious dead! Pairs well with Old Toby and Po-Ta-Toes precious.  

Stupid Man Suit - Cherry/Raspberry/Black Currant Cider
B. Nektar Meadery - Ferndale, Michigan

The next time someone has the audacity to hurtfully question your commitment to Sparkle Motion, appease their doubts by offering up a bottle of Stupid Man Suit. As the clock continues to ticks away to the pre-determined abyss, this dark fruit cider will help ease the pain. Drink up and let your destiny manifest. And never! ever! let anyone question your commitment to Sparkle Motion! 

RoboHop - Imperial IPA
Great Lakes Brewery - Toronto, Canada

This double IPA from Toronto (What gives Detroit!?) was created to clean up the mean streets of your pallet. While beer shelves and bar taps run rampant with criminally boring hoppy beers, Robohop is here to assist you. With an 8.5% ABV, Robohop packs a punch harder than an Omnicorp Enforcement Droid.  Available in shiny aluminum cans. Your round, creep.

No Rules - Imperial Vietnamese Porter
Perrin Brewing Company - Comstock, Michigan

When you need more than a tasty sarsaparilla to take the edge off [I am the walrus], grab a bottle of No Rules from Perrin Brewing. This bourbon barrel aged porter [I am the walrus] is brewed with coconuts and turbinado sugar to give it a unique Vietnamese flavor. Standing tall at 15% ABV [I am the Walrus], this porter will have you wondering what condition your condition is in before you finish your first glass. Enjoy responsibly [I am the..] Shut the fuck up Donnie! 

Snozzberries - Cherry IPA
Oddside Ales - Grand Haven, Michigan

After a tough day cleaning and sterilizing the ceiling in the Fizzy Lifting Drink test chambers, unwind with a glass of Snozzberries IPA. This cherry ale makes a great companion to an assortment of pure imaginative treats. And at only 5.5% ABV, even Oompa Loompa light weights can partake in the merriment. Candy is dandy, but ales never fail. 

Nosferatu - Amber Ale
Great Lakes Brewing Co - Cleveland, Ohio

If you ever have that unquenchable thirst, the kind that burns in your neck, then try a glass of Nosferaru. This red hued amber ale creeps about with an impressive 8% ABV. Drink enough of these, and you’ll be seeking refuge when the sun comes up just like a creature of the night. Pairs well with garlic bread.

Episode 13 - Bourbon Barrel Aged Mead
B. Nektar Meadery - Ferndale, Michigan

If the wintery conditions on the ice planet Hoth have got you down, then pop open a bottle of Episode 13 from B. Nektar Meadery. At 15% ABV, this smooth bourbon barrel aged honey wine will warm you up faster than the steaming innards of a Tauntauan. Pairs well with saber grilled Wampa.