TV News: TNT Pulls The Plug On Let The Right One In Series

Vampires. They're not going out of style any time soon. But, TNT has decided to pull the plug on their next series outing, Let The Right One In.

The Swedish horror film was released in 2008 and quickly gained momentum as a cult favorite. A couple years later, we got a U.S. remake retitled as Let Me In. Despite some minor negativity over the domestic telling, fans still maintained their love for the original foreign film. With the popularity of vampires and a story that could have been expanded into the television market, TNT swooped in and decided to try their hand at adapting it for their cable outlet after A&E passed. 

Word comes tonight that they've officially dropped the project and have no intentions of moving forward with the show. Apparently, Tomorrow Studios plans on shopping the series elsewhere. Along with this news, it's been announced that The CW has decided to push the development of their Lost Boys TV adaptation back to 2018. 

Many vampires across the globe cry tonight.