Videos: 10 Movie Mistakes So Big, You Wonder Why You Missed It!

This new video from Screen Rant takes a look at 10 movies that glaring mistakes or major plot holes in them. These are huge box office successes that are essentially loved by many, which begs the question of how we missed them? Or did we just not care? Check out the synopsis and video below.

"Whether you are an inspiring writer that wants to write the next Marvel or Disney animated film or just an avid movie theater goer you might be surprised by some of the plot holes we are pointing out to you. It’s surprising how many times you can watch a film and not notice the gaping plot holes right there in front of you. When Iron Man, Spider-Man and Thor are on screen we can understand why but we want to point out these fun plot holes for you. Let’s take a look at Screen Rant’s video, Movie Plot Holes So Big, You Can Drive A Truck Through Them. And we have the plot holes from some of your favorite movies including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Suicide Squad, Saving Private Ryan, Beauty and the Beast and the Fast and Furious franchise plus many more."