Music News: Johnny Jewel To Release New Album Featuring Twin Peaks Season 3 Tracks

As if the news surrounding the upcoming long awaited third season of Twin Peaks couldn’t get anymore exciting, Johnny Jewel of drooped a major announcement today!  

A new album entitled Windswept was announced on the electronic musician’s label consisting of both unreleased tracks as well as newly written tracks composed specifically for Twin Peaks.  Being a Lynch die-hard and also owning much of Johnny Jewel’s discography, this is a major development in the saga of Twin Peaks!  The album comes out May 10th exclusively on his website and will sport a total of fourteen tracks!  Also uploaded is an exclusive new music video with the title track Windswept


The idea of Johnny Jewel and David Lynch working together is a match made in Heaven with the title track sounding closer to Badalamenti’s jazzy moody saxophones, synth keyboard and soft percussion.  This comes the same day Showtime aired a new teaser for the forthcoming show, making this a truly exciting day for Twin Peaks fans!