New Horror Releases: From A House On Willow Street (Reviewed)

Possession. Failed exorcism. Guns and tentacles. Oh my!!

I guess we're not in Kansas anymore. We've now entered the world of ten movies melded into one thematically challenged piece of goofy b-movie territory that Alastair Orr had way too much fun making. It's just too bad he couldn't find his focus. Because if he did, we'd have another bad ass movie to watch over and over again. 

Set against a dark tone about criminal entry into an unknown property, From A House On Willow Street blends similar themes as Don't Breathe into a horrifying bit of nightmarish escapism that includes demons, dead family members and a setting that's getting way too familiar in these features. It's no masterpiece but it's a good Saturday night watch for horror fans that dig straight to video flicks. 

Set in confined hallways, blackened utility rooms, dimly lit corridors, and an abandoned forest, this piece of amalgamated sub-genre trope stew just may satiate a thirst for a creature feature that calls back to the actual Resident Evil video game series. When a group of armed crooks enter the house on Willow Street they get more than they bargained for. Their planned abduction leads them into a head on battle with a small legion of the mutated undead and sharp tongued demonic forces with a taste for human blood. Very quickly they realize that nothing is as it seems as their team is quickly vanquished by mysterious humanoid creatures with inhuman evil powers. 

We told you next time you stole our sandwiches from
the break room fridge, there would be hell to pay. 

The film struggles due to a low level cast that is inexperienced and amateurish at best. Yet, they do the best they can with the script they're given. Scenes seem unnaturally forced and lines are stagnant. And the performances are wooden in some areas. Yet, the two main female leads do just enough to pull this thing together. Luckily for the entire crew, the practical effects work, makeup, and creature design score enough extra points to pull this out of the gutter. Adding in some unrelenting jump scares aligned with plenty of bloody goop, From A House On Willow Street doesn't hesitate to besiege its viewer with death and dismemberment. And it feels so good. 

If you've been trying to keep up with the massive influx of indie horror that's been making the rounds lately, I'd say check this one out. It's definitely watchable but not as good as The Void, even though it shares some plot points with that one too. Tread lightly but give it a watch.