Videos: 10 Actors Who Got RIPPED For Superhero Roles (And How)

This is a new video from Screen that lists 10 actors who got ripped for superhero roles. There is one thing that you can't really fake in a comic book movie and that's the physical look of the actors. Yeah, the filmmakers can do can some things to enhance how they look, but they aren't going to digitally enhance their physiques. From Chris Pratt to Hugh Jackman, these are some of the actors who have spent a great deal of time in the gym working on chiseling their bodies. Check out the synopsis and video below.

"Not everything you see in a superhero movie is CGI. One of the best examples of this are the actors that are portraying the heroes. To make you really feel Thor is a God of Thunder or that Superman is the Man of Steel, the actors behind the roles need to truly look the parts. This is why planning and production for a film rolls. The actors make it look easy and natural on-screen, but their heroic muscles and ripped bodies are not some type of Hollywood magic. Actors must dedicate a lot of time to proper diet, a rigorous workout routine, and other types of exercise to truly transform. Watch and see how some of your favorite superheroes from both the big screen and small screen bulked up for their roles. This includes Marvel headliners like Captain America, DC heroes like Batman, and even older actors who have managed to stay in top physical condition despite their age. Instead of watching these superhero films with envy, you can learn some tips and start transforming your body into something just like out of your favorite superhero film or TV show."