Videos: 10 Movie Effects SECRETS That Show How They Did It!

This is a new video from Screen Rant that lists 10 movie effects secrets that show how they did it. Have you been wondering how some of your favorite special effects moments were created? Well now you can find out with behind-the-scenes clips that show how movies like Avatar and Rogue One managed to pull it off. Check out the synopsis and video below.

"In this video, we’ll be counting down some of the best CGI effects in movies and showing you the behind-the-scenes footage that gives away all the secrets of how the effects were made. Have you ever watched an amazing CGI sequence and wondered how did they do that? Well in this video, we’re going to answer that question! We’ll be looking at MCU superhero films like Captain America and Iron Man. We’ll also be checking out the now Disney-owned Star Wars franchise, and even some Oscar darlings like Life of Pi and Gravity. The team at Industrial Light and Magic is responsible for many of these impressive CGI effects. The legendary Stan Winston Studios also makes an appearance on this list. You won’t be surprised to see motion capture technology features heavily in these films, with so many of the shots done on a green screen sound stage. But the best entries on this list come from a sensible mix of real-world effects and Computer Generated Imagery."