Videos: Top 10 Super Misleading Video Game Trailers

This is a new video from that lists the top 10 super misleading video game trailers. We should all have learned by know that trailers don't always represent what the actual product is. Movie trailers are excellent at selling something completely different in order to get people into the seats. Video games have come to do the exact same thing, tricking the consumer into purchasing the game. Check out the synopsis and video below.

"Hey! The game doesn’t look anything LIKE that! These are the trailers and teasers that basically lied to you: the ones that mislead you into think a game looked or played one way, but were either hiding the truth from you or simply pointing you in the absolute wrong direction. They can be live action, CGI, Pre-rendered or in game trailers, so long as they mislead or poorly represented the content in question."