Box Office News: The Mummy Is Tom Cruise's Biggest Opening Yet

Apparently, Universal's first entry in their Dark Universe franchise is not the flop that most had expected. 

With a critical ravaging of this cinematic kickoff being ranked as the worst movie Tom Cruise has ever been a part of, the movie is kicking up major sand in ticket sales. In fact, the movie is the biggest box office opening of the man's illustrious career in big budget action and sci-fi flicks. 

Tom Cruise says hell yeah. 

Starting the weekend with a domestic haul of $30.3 million crossed with an international take $56.8 million in Friday receipts alone, The Mummy is set to score a massive $169 million in its first weekend worldwide. Due to poor critical reviews and a lukewarm reception from people that have seen it, this is a total surprise for the studio. Considering that they were counting on this to be the launch pad for Frankenstein, Jekyll and Hyde, and numerous other classic creature reboots, their sights may be right in line with getting these characters back into theaters.