Videos: The Short Horror Film Dawn Of The Deaf

This is the short horror film Dawn of the Deaf.

It was written by Rob Savage and Jed Shepherd, and also directed by Savage. It has played at countless film festivals and won quite a number of awards in the process. The film deals with a sonic pulse that infects the portion of the population that can hear, leaving a small group of Deaf people joining together in order to survive. This takes a unique approach in which the disability is actually a powerful tool and important to survival. Savage touches on this more in his description of the film and its purpose:

"Dawn of the Deaf is an apocalyptic horror short, which we've made with the Deaf community here in London. Our aim was to create a genre film that would connect Deaf and hearing audiences in an engaging, thrilling way. As opposed to re-treading the same narratives usually seen when dealing with disability, we wanted to create a tense story in which the characters' "disability" becomes their ultimate advantage over the hearing population. Dawn of the Deaf has specifically been made as a means of gaining interest for a feature length version of the film, which we are committed to make with an entirely Deaf cast for a mainstream horror audience."