Horror News: The Eyes Of My Mother Director Attached To The Grudge Reboot

Based on the now classic Japanese horror film Ju-On, The Grudge was turned into a three part horror saga here in the U.S.. Now, the series seems to being once again seeing the light of day. Since 2009, the franchise has been dead and buried but is being given a full reboot treatment that will once again bring the terror of The Grudge back into cinemas. While some may shake their heads at the premise of starting the series again, but there is at least some good news attached to the project. 

It appears that visionary filmmaker Nicolas Pesce has boarded the movie as the director and is working on a new script treatment. Pesce's last horror film, The Eyes Of My Mother was an excellent piece of work that mixed an artistic look with a brooding terror that was both eccentric and featured great story telling. Having him as the head honcho on a reboot like this definitely promises something new and twisted. Hopefully, he gets to do his own thing and isn't forced to conform to the studio system.