Movie Sleuth Gaming: Notable Releases August 2017


After many years in development, the next game from the brilliant minds that brought us the impactful Gone Home is arriving on the Xbox One and PC. Relive the past on an abandoned space station and dig into the mysteries of the Tacoma from Fullbright Studios on August 2nd.


Lawbreakers is the first title from Boss Key Productions, a company notably founded by prolific game designer Cliff Bleszinski and Killzone developer Arjan Brussee. Can the big names utilize the renewed popularity of arena-style shooters? or is this just be more people capitalizing on the popularity Overwatch? Decide for yourself August 8th on PC and PS4.


We are just a few weeks away from its launch and still very little is known about Housemarque’s Matterfall. It appears to be side-scrolling action game with exploration elements in a digital future of on-the-go matter creation. The previews look neat, but I want to know more. Get your hands on Matterfall exclusively for the PS4 on August 15th.

Nidhogg 2

The follow-up to one of the oddest and most original couch-competitive games i've played in years, Nidhogg 2 is coming to Windows and PS4 this month. Adding new weapon types and a wild aesthetic to the already tight gameplay enhances the experience, and I look forward to watching high-tier play, maybe even more than playing it myself. Check out out August 15th.

Sonic Mania

We have been promised that ‘this will finally be a good new Sonic game’ for what seems like a decade now. Sonic Team finally made the decision to turn the franchise over to passionate fan developers and modders, and I have high hopes for a return to form (and hopefully some great new music, too!). Sonic Mania arrives everywhere August 15h on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Uncharted: Lost Legacy

Just when you thought the franchise was all finished, this spin-off title features the badass ladies of the Uncharted series. I wouldn’t expect and revelations in the gameplay department, but a great story, character development, and cinematic action await you August 22nd, exclusively on the PS4.

Madden NFL 18
It’s that time of year again. Try as the millennials might, American Football cannot be killed and will return to the interactive video glow-boxes again this year. If this is your jam, you probably already know you are going to get it, but it’s a cornerstone of August every year in the game space. Tackle and intentionally deflate for your advantage when Madden NFL 18 hits the Xbox One and PS4 on August 25th.


Absolver promises fast and precise melee action with a focus on martial arts in an online world to roleplay. Taking elements from Dark Souls, Destiny, and For Honor, absolver is sure to scratch the itch for MMO players and fans of deep combat systems. Karate chop your friends and foes on PC, PS4, and Windows starting August 29th.

Everybody’s Golf

A reboot of the classic Hot Shots golf franchise is coming on the 29th, and is an odd return to form as it retakes the series’ Japanese title, Everybody’s Golf. I don't find golf itself really fun, but the Hot Shots series always did a good job making the classically boring sport fun and charming. Everybody’s Golf is slicing and putting its way to America August 29th on the PS4.

Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle

The rumored crossover that everyone was nervous about was finally officially announced at this year’s E3 to surprising praise. What could have been a nightmare that ruins Nintendo’s long-standing brand dominance looks to be a cutesy but deep tactical RPG akin to XCOM, but with the polish and panache we’ve come to expect from Nintendo. Fire up your Switch and be ready to Bullet Bill the animals on August 29th.


This cult NeoGeo arcade hit has made something of a comeback the last few years between streamers and entertainers playing it, and the Nintendo Switch’s NeoGeo classics. Windjammers is  Frisbee meets pong with a classic 90s arcade aesthetic, there is lots of fun to be had in this near-perfect remake for the PS4 from DotEmu. Let the power discs fly (and more likely get destroyed online by the french competitive Windjammers scene) on August 29th, exclusively for the PS4 and Vita.

- Justin Wicker