Videos: 10 Superpowers Even Superheroes Forget They Have

This is a new video from Screen Rant that lists 10 superpowers even superheroes forget they have. Many of the Marvel and DC superheroes have superpowers that are either completely ignored in the movies and TV series or are just casually glossed over. Most of these powers don't get mentioned in the movies, leaving only avid comic book readers knowledgeable of them. Check out the synopsis and video below to find out about some of these special abilities.

"Superheroes and their powers are pretty well known in today's pop culture. But despite the fact that they’re so embedded in our cultural DNA, there are still some powers that lie dormant for even the most diehard of fans. For instance, we all know Spider Man can swing like a spider, has spidey senses and can wall climb, but did you know that he can also talk to various insects and arachnids like spiders? In fact, they helped him defuse a bomb once! Speaking of communication, Wonder Woman can also communicate with animals, but we don’t think we’ll see that in the DCEU. Electro and Magneto both have the ability to control people’s minds thanks to their own abilities but they keep forgetting about that. The Hulk can actually see astral projections, which makes a possible team up with Dr. Strange in the upcoming Avenger films a solid possibility. Captain America has way better eyesight than all you 20/20 people out there and the Flash on CW’s series has one heck of a mind-if only he’d use it more often against his foes! We know he can read a book in mere seconds, but on the fly thinking hasn’t been his strong suit against the bad guys yet, resorting to help from Cisco quite often. Oh, and Netflix’s Luke Cage can actually become a human match if he wanted to. Perhaps that could be his superhero name? He can team up with Human Torch from Fantastic Four!"