VOD Releases: Alien: Reign of Man (2017) Reviewed

Sci-fi is not an easy thing to do on a small budget. So, I will tip my hat to anyone who tries to tackle a project under those circumstances. I was intrigued when a copy of Alien: Reign of Man came across my desk not because I was NOT expecting to see the greatest sci-fi film of all time. I never expect that with this genre on the budget it has. I was more curious about the experience a young eye can create. It would be through that of Justin Price in this case. Lack of resources can yield some incredible output. For example: 2004’s Primer.

Alien: Reign of Man looks pretty damn good. The special effects can get campy at times, and look very synthetic also. But it still kept things interesting and fun to look at. Alien: Reign of Man is supposed to feel like an epic. It tries to look like one, sound like one, and move like one. I watched Alien: Reign of Man and was impressed by Justin’s vision of this film and what it could have been.

Alien: Reign of Man, while looking as good as it could I think, suffers from a severe lack of talent in the delivery department unfortunately. The performances are either flat as a pancake or delivered so melodramatically, that the whole does not convince me as a viewer that I need to feel for any of these characters. A semi-convincing performance from Khu as ‘Zan’ is all that really sticks out in Alien: Reign of Man. The rest of the characters added nothing.

I watched it two full times to really try to understand the plot of the film. One, mainly, I love interesting stories and sometimes you have to work to understand them sometimes. Unfortunately, the second reason was the real reason though and that was that simply Alien: Reign of Man is extremely difficult to follow. Alien: Reign of Man is hard to follow as a result of long drawn out dialogue sequences that do not really grab your attention. I found myself rewinding several times just to make sure I did not miss anything.

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Alien: Reign of Man, while looking fun and trying hard to have the epic nature of one of the greats that this film’s title already mentions, unfortunately falls a bit short in its delivery of just about all the players involved.

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-Scott W. Lambert