Cinematic Releases: A Sensual Lasso Of Non-Truths: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women

With Patty Jenkins live action Wonder Woman comic book movie one of the biggest hits of the year and the character remaining the most popular female superhero of all time, we now get a biopic that chronicles the life and times of Dr. William Marston and the two loves of his life. 

Going in blind, this motion picture oozes with sensuality but ultimately seems to revel in more fiction than fact. Chronicling the passionate bond between a man and two women, this is the type of story that's not often told, and it's a great narrative on how far we've come as a society. Relationships between women were closeted and kept far away from the eyes and ears of society back then. If anything, this Wonder Women furthers the idea that love knows no bounds. Yet, there are still some minor problems with the movie. 

Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall, and Bella Heathcote star in the release of Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, a piece of revisionist history that's beautiful on the surface but apparently takes too many liberties with what happened in reality. Already lambasted by actual family members that know the facts, Professor Marston plays it fast and loose with actually giving the audience the 'true' story. It's an entertaining film however it injects so much sensuality that it sometimes feels like we might be watching Fifty Shades Lite. While I'm not one to complain about watching beautiful men and women make love on screen, some of this feels forced or not completely necessary to the plot. However, the bondage routines are an integral part in the development of the Wonder Woman character. 

No. Like Meatloaf said, I won't do that. 

For Evans, this is a breakout role that could very easily catapult him into far better dramatic parts. He does an excellent job slipping into the part of Marston, carefully maintaining a new accent. Rebecca Hall never stutters but maintains her typically stoic form, once again pacing herself with emotive grace. Heathcote plays the charmer here, using her beautiful looks, stunning smile, and great talent for creating a character that's experiencing inner turmoil. The trio of these three great actors is what truly carries the film. Although, the plot is lined with falsities that weren't part of their three way relationship, the performances make the film a great mid-season release. 

As a bit of pop culture back story, adult comic book fans will find many things to like with Professor Marston and the Wonder Women. We're given a bit of knowledge on why the early Wonder Woman pages were loaded with bondage and rope play. And we can see the many layers that Marston put into bringing her to the world. The many inaccuracies in the relationship are flagrant but don't really take away from the overall picture. This is more a piece of estimated entertainment than it is a presentation what happened in the real world. 

I suggest this one but don't expect to be blown away. All three actors are worth watching work together. They're a wonderful team.