News: Have You Seen This Boy?: Robert Patrick Interested in X-Files Return

The world of The X-Files has been swirling since Gillian Anderson announced her potential retirement from playing the character of Dana Scully. Now, other rumors and talk about the show have another character potentially returning to the fray. Actor Robert Patrick has said he's interested in returning as Doggett for one of Chris Carter's attempts to reinvigorate the Fox show. It most likely couldn't happen right now as the show is deep in production, but the future might see the X-Files' biggest skeptic return. 

Apparently, Carter says he had already written the character's return into the story arc of this latest season 11 but Patrick was unavailable to make the commitment due to his starring role on Scorpio. The scripting was then adapted to leave his character out. However, Patrick might find the time as his one time partner Monica Reyes (Annabeth Gish) is already slated for a season 11 reprisal.

The X-Files continues to be interesting years later.