News: Kevin Spacey Fallout: Sony May Delay All The Money In The World and Cancel AFI Premiere

The fallout which surrounds the sexual assault claims against Kevin Spacey continues to mount. In what has been one of the most revealing and disappointing couple weeks in the history of Hollywood, the studios are beginning to put space between themselves and those that have committed reprehensible acts towards women and men. Now, Sony Pictures is considering how to try and control the situation. 

Apparently, the studio is thinking about moving the Ridley Scott feature All The Money In The World from December to June 2018 to let the situation die down a little bit. Kevin Spacey is one of the main players in the movie. As this is Ridley's step back into the realm of drama, away from those pesky Xenomorphs, they want to give it some breathing room. They are also in the first steps of pulling the project from the upcoming American Film Institute festival. The feature was set to close out the event.