Trailers: Clip And Trailer For Microbudget Gore Film The Theta Girl

This is a clip and red band trailer for The Theta Girl

It was written by David Axe, directed by Christopher Bickel (who also shot, edited, and provided sound-design), and stars Victoria Elizabeth, Shane Silman, Darrelle D. Dove. The film premiered in Atlanta on Friday the 13th at Midnight and will continue to play at film festivals this Winter.

Billed as an "existenploitation film," The Theta Girl follows the trials and tribulations of young drug-dealer, Gayce Delko, and the hallucinogen she peddles. "Theta" was a "fun drug" -- a drug that blew people's minds. Theta was supposed to be a door to Heaven, but when her best friends get methodically and brutally murdered, Gayce realizes theta might also be a door to Hell -- and it's up to her to shut it. The film's tagline is "She brought the pills. He brought the kills." 

Bickel describes The Theta Girl as:

"an exercise in sex, drugs, punk rock, brutality, gore, revenge, and self-actualization... but really it's an art film." 

The film has not been rated by the MPAA, but it contains nudity, drug use, adult themes, and extremely graphic violence. So, you have been warned. Check out the synopsis, clip, and trailer below. 

“Gayce, a take-no-shit young woman, deals a hallucinogenic drug called “theta,” facilitating an audience for her friends’ all-girl rock band. When Gayce’s friends are brutally murdered, she must solve the mystery behind the murders and protect herself from the killer. She discovers the connections between theta and the murders – and learns a terrifying truth. That the world — indeed her whole reality — is not as it seems.”