Videos: The Sci-Fi Short Film Disarm

This is the sci-fi short film Disarm

It was written and directed by Andrew Kelleher, and stars Aaron D. Alexander, Scott Daigle, Bella Jo Moore, Arvi, Gene Sprinkle, Mac Dixon, Brett Tutor, Tom Kamrath, Stena Ocean, and Mitzi Moore. Check out the synopsis and short film below.

 “In the near future, robotic limbs have become more powerful and versatile than the human body, granting their users incredible new powers. A new law is passed regulating the use of the dangerous technology, causing a leading prosthetics distributor to recall its products. An employee and a police officer go door-to-door collecting the bionic limbs, but not everyone will hand over their arms willingly. A tense, futuristic thriller with intense martial arts, sword fights, armblades, flamethrower limbs, and incredible cgi vfx alongside practical special effects. Music by Roman Kovalik.”