Artist Spotlight: Pop Culture Inspired Art Including Wonder Woman And Pennywise From Dinesh van den Berg

This is a collection of pop culture inspired art from Dutch artist Dinesh van den Berg based off of various film, video game, and comic book characters. He also has his own fantasy comic titled Drakan, which follows the exploits of a crazed and violent warrior as he gathers his allies and challenges the might of a growing empire. You can view more of his art on his website or follow him on Instagram. Check out the bio and artwork below. 

"I am Dinesh van den Berg: Artist, illustrator, concept artist, writer and animator. 

I draw for the people who are in love with the fantasy and Science-fiction genre. I create worlds that boggle the mind and people who embody strength and defiance against the world. 

I draw and write stories which blend the sublime and epic mystics of ancient mythologies with the action and pace we see in today’s film and video games. I create characters which personify our deepest fears, dreams and potential. Characters which exist in stories that define law and sanity while the characters themselves are lawless and insane. 

My passion for drawing started from a very young age, as a child I would lose myself in books of ancient mythology where I would admire every single detail of the illustrations. Until one day someone gave me a drawing book and then I started following every instruction the book had., yet my passion ignited even brighter when I was told I could those books were only guidlines to help people create their own works. From then on I was an unstoppable drawing machine, I created mighty heroes, vaste worlds and titanic creatures. 

I graduated with a bachelors degree from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of The Hague, where I also receieved the Goedmans Grafiek Prijs. Afterwards I recieved my masters in Animation from AVK St Joost in Breda. 

Comics are one of the most important things in my life, from the super heroes of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby to the grim totured souls of Mike Mignola and Pat Mills I read them and loved them. Their stories taught me important lessons about right from wrong and that justice is not black and white but severl shades of grey. Inspired by their art and writting I set out to create my own stories, so enter Drakan

From comic books to children’s books and from concept art to animations I do it all! I hope to inspire people and reveal to them that the only real magic lies in our own imagination and our ability to create."