Videos: The CGI 3D Animated Christmas Short Film Remote

This is the animated Christmas short film Remote, from The Garden Shed Films.

It was directed by Andrew Lavery and Mathew Rees; character designers - Adam Cootes, Andrew Lavery, and Mathew Rees; concept art by - Adam Cootes and James Grant; animation by - Mathew Rees;  modelling by - Andrew Lavery and Mathew Rees; lighting, texturing and compositing by - Andrew Lavery; voices by - Noa Rees, Jac Rees, and Mathew Rees. Check out the synopsis and short film below. 

“The film started out as a little personal project between Andrew Lavery and Mathew Rees, with the original intention being to make a short 15-second gag. As is always the case though it grew just a little bit and even though it's still just a simple gag, we padded it out to 2 minutes. The story is based on real-life events that happened on Christmas Day in 1978.........not really.

It's Christmas day and a young boy receives a new toy from his doting grandmother - a fantastic remote controlled car! His joy is short-lived however when it appears that it doesn't work....or does it?! Directed by the talented Andrew Lavery, Mathew Rees!!”