Comics: Long Lost #1 and #2 - Reviewed

Long Lost is a supernatural horror graphic novel series released by Scout Comics in November of 2017. Written and illustrated by husband and wife team, Matthew Erman and Lisa Sterle, Long Lost is the story of two estranged sisters and their journey back to their home town after a visit from a mysterious, otherworldly being. 

Matthew Erman’s writing style is one that I believe will appeal to all readers, whether you are an avid comic reader, horror fan or just looking for something to read that is well written and has an interesting plot. The characters are quirky, likable and definitely relatable. There is something extremely refreshing in the casual, every day type of dialogue, one that you would expect from an ordinary, modern young woman. The first issue of Long Lost focuses mainly on developing the characterization of the sisters, Piper and Frances, without spending too much time focusing on their backstories or the plot entirely. It gives you a chance to get to know them as characters, see their similarities, but more than that, their differences. With the second issue, you are able to see more interaction between the siblings and delve deeper into the mysterious plot of the series. Both issues hold the reader’s attention extremely well and I believe anyone who has read the first two issues will absolutely be interested in continuing the rest of the series. 

Lisa Sterle’s artwork is whimsical and does not feel bogged down with over the top color or details. The series is done in grayscale, which, in my opinion, adds another touch of mystery to the books. The cartoonish style that the characters are drawn in almost have an anime quality to them and the more detailed surrounding scenery compliments the artistic characterization well. There is definitely a very feminine quality to Ms. Sterle’s work, which I think just adds more power to this graphic novel series as well as the female lead characters. 

Long Lost is another pleasant surprise from Scout Comics. It’s well written, the art is fantastic and I believe it could appeal to any kind of comic reader. The quick witted, relatable female leads, in my opinion, definitely will do well in drawing a strong female fan base which makes it even more appealing to me. I am greatly looking forward to reading the rest of the series, and I believe anyone that picks these books up will be as well. 

-Rachel Rutherford