Images: A Preview For The Upcoming Comic Kaijumax Season 3 #6 From Oni Press

This is a preview for Kaijumax Season 3 #6

It features a story and art by Zander Cannon, colors by Jason Fischer and Zander Cannon, and cover art from Zander Cannon. It is slated to hit the shelves on January 31st. Check out the synopsis and images below.

"SEASON FINALE! All-Out Gang Attack has erupted in KAIJUMAX prison between the Cryptids and the old-school J-Kaiju and it’s every mon for himself amid flying claws, fire breath, and stomping action. Interspecies alliances are broken! Antediluvian lifespans come to an end! In the chaos, Mechazon and Electrogor put their risky plan to murder the crafty and sociopathic Zonn into action, but there’s just so much that can go wrong. Also: New evolved kaiju powers! Two long-awaited comeuppances! A bloodless squishing! And… a new pet for the Sharkmon?"