Images: A Preview Of The DC Super Powers Martian Manhunter Statue From Tweeterhead

This is a preview for the upcoming DC Super Powers Collection Martian Manhunter Statue from Tweeterhead. He is featured in his classic DC Comics attire and will be a 1/6 scale release, like the others in the DC Super Powers Collection. The previous statues include Superman, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, The Joker, and Mr. Mxyzlptlk. Pre-sales begin on January 16th. Check out the details and images below. 

 "Happy Friday!! Here it is, the Martian Manhunter 1/6th Scale Maquette Gallery. The Tweeterhead Exclusive includes two head. The Martian Head and Human Head. Martian Manhunter is an impressive 18.5 inches tall on his base. 

 There is an INCREDIBLE group of people behind this piece. Designed and Sculpted by Paul Harding (who sculpted our Joker and Bud and Lou) and Printing, Casting and Painting by Jason Wires of JWP. Jason has been partnering with me on some of these pieces including the Harley, Joker and Bud and Lou and some amazing pieces coming this year. Just wait to see what he has cooking up for SDCC!!! 

 There is no doubt that between the three of us, passion for our DC Super Powers Line and this character in general was in high gear! 

 Pre-Sale begins next Tuesday!Check out the video below."