Box Office News: Bringing Sexy Back: Fifty Shades Trilogy To Hit $1 Billion Worldwide

Typically, we're reporting on the awesome returns of some huge sci-fi or franchise blockbuster. But this weekend sees success of another kind. The E.L. James series of light bondage and sexy routines is going to topple a massive number at the global box office. Introduced in a series of books that turned the erotic adventures of Anastasia and Christian into a household discussion, the films have proven to be an absolute success for the studio, the actors, and everyone behind the films. 

This weekend, the trilogy is going to cross the $1 billion mark at the worldwide box office. While the second didn't have the same type of total dominance as the first, it was still a mega earner for the brand. Fifty Shades of Grey brought in $571 million globally as its second entry came in far below with $381 million. By the end of the first weekend, Freed is looking to make around $120 million combining all markets.