Comics: Armstrong And The Vault Of Spirits #1 - Reviewed

This one shot-special, written by Fred Van Lente and illustrated by Cafu and Darick Robertson, starts off firing on all cylinders, as we’re treated to an absolutely hilarious spin on a classic biblical story. What’s refreshing about the prologue is that it’s not treated as some cheap stunt. The minor, but funny, changes made to the story of Noah actually have major repercussions for the plot. Some may find the changes blasphemous, but in the world of comics, it’s always best not to take things too seriously. 

The writing is snappy, energetic, and more importantly upbeat. We are introduced to a wide array of characters, and the majority of them get a chance to shine and display their abilities. The interactions between Armstrong and Archer clearly show how these characters are good counterpoints to one another, almost like a throwback to several buddy cop movies. 

The villains of the piece are just as funny and unique as the protagonists, and some of them represent a nice twist on the reality of secret societies. Generally, we associate such groups with mischief, conspiracy, and the dark arts, but here, the creators poke fun at them in a way that can seem cathartic for the audience. While we are treated to a nice moral lesson at the end of this self-contained book, Van Lente is sure to go against expectations, as the main villain, a descendant of the line of Canaan, is dealt a blow in an ironic twist of fate. 

The art is excellent on all counts, and the cover art provides the reader with a good insight into the tone of the book itself. All in all, a highly recommended read and a great starting point for new readers.

-Berk Koca