Comics: Clandestino: Complete Collection TP - Reviewed

Clandestino #1 was originally released in 2015 and tells the story of a military coup in the Republic of Tairona and their conflict with the revolutionary group, The Koyam, who are attempting to take back the country from the clutches of a powerful, evil dictator. Clandestino: Complete Collection Trade Paperback is a collection of the six issue story arc that is an ultra violent, action packed tour de force, blending the insane action, gun play, and violence of films like Desperado and Mad Max with real world style revolutions and military coups. Shifting the narrative back and forth in time, Clandestino explores the events of the original coup in 1973 as well as the current time period. The story focuses on the one man that is considered the true hope of the revolution, Linko AKA Clandestino. We follow him as he seeks to unite the various rebel forces and overthrow the dictatorship, battling the military, mercenaries, and a former friend along the way. 

Written, penciled, inked, colored, and lettered by Amancay Nahuelpan (CALEXIT, YOUNG TERRORISTS), Clandestino is a true gem of artistic and literary violence. Nahuelpan has crafted an interesting group of characters with compelling backstories and their own individual motivations. The main character Linko is the quintessential badass, yet he isn’t invincible and there is no guarantee of his survival. Nahuelpan certainly doesn't play it safe with this tale. It is bloody and sick, showcasing the reality of a revolution and a nation under the pressure of guerilla warfare. People are tortured and thousands of innocent people die. For as many fantastical elements that are included in the story, it is still ultimately grounded in the realities of dirty warfare.

Nahuelpan’s artwork and colors are sublime and contain highly inventive panels and pages, with compelling panels that bleed into each other. There are very detailed scenes and environments that will have you examining each page and panel. The characters look great and have bold body movements and facial features. It features heavily shaded black strokes mixed with thin lines and hatching. The opening five page gunfight sequence is outstanding and is a hell of a way to jump start any comic. The colors further add to the style and look of the art and story, with a selection of light earth tones that include greens, oranges, yellow, and browns. The colors change for scenes that take place in the past, with panels that are mostly black and white with some light browns, which is an inventive way to let readers know which time period they are reading about currently. There are also parts that look like they were painted with watercolors, which further added depth to the colors and panels.

If you’re a fan of comics with extreme violence and intense action, then this is definitely a must own. It features nearly non-stop action, over-the-top violence, superb artwork and colors, and a terrific story about revolution.