Comics: X-O Manowar #12 - Reviewed

Betrayed by those closest to him and overthrown by the very people who he ruled over, Aric continues his journey in this issue as an emperor with no clothes...literally. Battered and abandoned, but not defeated, Aric manages to make his way back to the center of power, ready to make those responsible for his plight pay a heavy price. 

Even without much exposition, Kindt does a good job of filling the reader in on what’s going on. Enough bits are sprinkled in the dialogue to allow readers to put the pieces together, and even someone who jumped on board with this issue can feel great sympathy for Aric. We root for him and want him to succeed. If we can identify with the protagonist, that is enough for us to invest in the story. 

The art is excellent, with a fine attention to detail. In addition, the coloring job is superb, giving the setting of Urth a very other-worldly feel. 

There is no clear resolution to the story here, but the ending leaves us our hero on the verge of making a major come back, signaling that our conspirators will most likely meet a grisly end in issue #13 next month. 

All in all, a solid and brisk read. 

-Berk Koca