News: To Crush Your Enemies: Conan The Barbarian Series In Development at Amazon

It's been years since fans of Conan the Barbarian have seen a great on screen representation of the character. With two feature length films starring Arnold Schwarzenegger in the '80s and a 2011 reboot starring Jason Momoa failing to make any money at the box office, it looks like Amazon is looking to bring the sword bearing warrior to an original series. Another movie starring a much older Arnold has been rumored for years but continued to stall due to numerous reasons. Conan is making his way to a streaming series. 

Now, the character created by Robert E. Howard is finding a new home. Colony co-creator Ryan Condal is working on bringing Conan home to Amazon where the character's origins will be told again in a longer format that could end up spawning a Game of Thrones type success story for the streaming giant. Condal recently told Deadline that he plans on using the original comics and stories for inspiration on the series. The earlier movies will not be part of this mythology, as Conan receives another total reboot.