Rumor Mill: The Duffer Bros. Leaving Stranger Things After Season 3

In what appears to be a potential planned shakeup for the hit Netflix series, Stranger Things, it looks like the two creators behind the show are going to be bowing out after the third season. Today, word is coming down from numerous sites including Moviefone that the brothers will be moving on from their creative roles due to other projects they're working on. They would only remain in executive producer roles and may take part in some creative aspects but would not be retaining control after the third season concludes filming. 

According to these reports, their contract with Netflix requires them to develop two more projects for the streaming giant. It's also being reported that they're courting the idea of returning to making films. Their first film called Hidden was a smaller budget project. Apparently, they may be in talks to take on another film in the near future. 

We highly doubt this spells the end for Stranger Things but it could mean that we'll be seeing a change in guard at the massively popular show. 

(edit) Collider is now reporting that this has been shot down by people close to the production of the series. This may be one of those times that we need to wait and see what shakes out.