Images: A Collection Of Stunning Sci-Fi & Fantasy Concept Art From Toussaint Louverture H.G

This is a collection of sci-fi art from Canadian concept artist Toussaint Louverture H.G, based out of Montreal. Most of his art is for the gaming industry, with some really impressive non sci-fi related pieces of art. You can view more of his work here. Check out his bio and the images below.

"I'm Toussaint Louverture H.G a self-taught Home Schooled CGI/GAME Developer! As an artist, show business has always been an interest to me, predominantly Music & Movies largely in part due to my father's influence and vision, to me there was no doubt I was always an artist! I decided to take on CGI at 12 years old (Computer Graphic Imagery) on my own. After few years of working night and days with passion and desire to bring my father's vision to reality, I can say now I’m a full-fledged VFX, Game, VR, 3D, artist! My greatest achievement to date is the ability to make my father's visions come to reality through CGI Animation. In a visual world, an artist requires to present himself in visual form. You have to have the capability of presenting what you visualize, for people just to hear or read it it’s just not enough anymore! The more realistic you can make your CGI Animations, the more powerful it is."