News: J.J. Abrams Reveals An Easter Egg That He Wanted to Put into The Cloverfield Paradox

There were a lot of ideas bounced around during the development of The Cloverfield Paradox, including having Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s 10 Cloverfield Lane character, Michelle, in the film in some capacity. J.J. Abrams recently spoke with Empire about another Cloverfield Paradox and 10 Cloverfield Lane connection that he wanted to include in the film. He said that:

 “During the spacewalk sequence and all this debris is flying around, there was a truck that was going around,” Abrams explained. “And it was from 10 Cloverfield Lane, it was [Howard] Stambler’s truck. But it was one of those things that once again, some people called it out as being too crazy; I loved it, because I thought it was just so bonkers, but some people felt it was too distracting.” “I thought it was amazing,” Abrams added. 

 The truck never made it onto the movie, but another Easter egg was included with having Donal Logue’s character being named Mark Stambler, a reference to Howard Stambler

The film was written by Oren Uziel and Doug Jung, directed by Julius Onah, and stars David Oyelowo, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Ziyi Zhang, Elizabeth Debicki, Daniel Brühl and Chris O’Dowd. It is currently available on Netflix.