News: The Villainess Director Jung Byung-Gil To Next Direct Gerard Butler In Afterburn

The Villainess director Jung Byung-gil has found his next project, as he is set to helm Afterburn starring Gerard Butler. The project comes from Original Film, G-BASE, and Endurance Media, and was written by Matt Johnson (Into the Blue). Jung wowed audiences at Cannes with his intense Korean action-drama The Villainess. Before that, he directed Confession of a Murderer, which was remade into the Japanese film Memoirs of a Murderer

The film is based upon the Red 5 comic Afterburn, and is said to be a passion project for Butler. Set five years after a solar flare has disrupted all technology in Europe, the comic is a futuristic action adventure that sees a treasure hunter travel to France to retrieve the Mona Lisa. He is joined by a female weapons expert who has her own agenda, searching for the painting and taking on unexpected enemies along the way. They are hoping to make this into a franchise which sees the character search for treasures in various countries. 

Afterburn is being produced by Neal Moritz and Toby Jaffe through Original Film, Alan Siegel and Butler through G-BASE, and Steve Richards through Endurance Media. Jung's partner, Lewis Taewan Kim is also serving as a producer. They are looking to begin filming sometime in the late Summer.