Trailers: The One-Shot Short Film Accidence

This is a trailer for the short film Accidence.

 The new 10-minute short film is from Winnipeg, Canada’s Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson and Galen Johnson and is based on music from Ensign Broderick. Based on the idea that we are each our own victims, perpetrators, prosecutors and juries, Accidence will have its world premiere on Tuesday, February 20th at the Berlin International Film Festival.  

• Tue Feb 20 21:30 at CineStar IMAX 
 • Wed Feb 21 22:45 at Cubix 9
 • Fri Feb 23 11:00 at CineStar 8 
 • Sun Feb 25 16:00 at Delphi Filmpalast 

 "In a deadly and maddeningly endless loop of crime and punishment, ACCIDENCE explores the narrative potential of the mundane architectural projection. In Maddin’s words, "Every balcony is a poem, a chant -- a muscle! But whoever lives with that extra blueprint luxury of a balcony lives on the wrong side of a cross-section, on the busy, narrative-addled side of something like an ant-farm window, a brazen architectural arrangement selling cheap peeks into the naked sideshows of the quotidian -- even the grisly. Step right up! Behold! A ten story wall of solid twitching muscle!" 

 The film is based on music composed by Ensign Broderick, an enigmatic experimental songwriter from Toronto, Canada. The song, officially titled Accidence PSA, is found on his forthcoming album Feast of Panthers, to be released on March 9, 2018. To illuminate his unique creative process, Ensign Broderick recently shared two alternate versions of the song as an accompanying Triptych. 

 “Accidence, in its three forms, is inspired by readings from The Uses of Enchantment,” Ensign Broderick notes. “It synthesizes reality and fantasy, innocence and knowledge, and fuses the attendant dreams in the sun. These lullabies are fractured fairytales populated with ghosts, skeleton keys inserted into closet doors and the outlines of children drawn with broken crayons. Being chased into a sense of alienation and then ultimately abandonment, you are forced to choose between recognizing yourself in life and in the unknown, because even a nightmare is a dream.”