Trailers: The Upcoming Horror Slasher Don't Look

This is a trailer for Don’t Look.

 It is the first feature film for Latina director Luciana Faulhaber, which has been acquired by Wild Eye Releasing. It was written by Faulhaber, Jessica Boucher, and Danielle Killay, and stars Faulhaber, Jeff Berg, Curtis K Case, Jarrod Robbins, Hailey Heisick, Lindsay Eshelman, Daniel Pappas, and Javier E. Gomez. In Don’t Look – a slasher horror feature with touches of dark humor – newcomer Faulhaber injects current events into the traditional horror genre tropes. 

 "It was important for me to create work that shows the female characters as they are in real life - none of us are waiting to be saved by some prince charming", said film director and co-producer Luciana Faulhaber, who also plays a role in the film. 

Javier E. Gomez, a co-producer of Don’t Look and co founder with Luciana of Enuff Productions, said: 

“I am thankful to Wild Eye Releasing for believing in ‘Don’t Look’, and introducing our work to audiences across the globe through traditional and digital platforms. We are very proud to become part of the WER family and we look forward to working with the company in the rolling out the plan to bring ‘Don’t Look’ directly to audiences.” 

 The film will have its Los Angeles premiere next month at North Hollywood CineFest and its Latin American premiere will take place in April, at the Rock Horror Film Festival in Rio de Janeiro. It is scheduled for a VOD release in late 2018. Check out the synopsis and trailers below.

 “Don’t Look centers on five New York City Millennials who escape the big city for a rustic Thanksgiving weekend in country. But as will happen in horror, something threatens to shatter their peaceful getaway and they are targeted for murder."