Box Office News: Eyes on the Prize: Black Panther Enters Top 10 All Time Domestic Earners

Marvel's latest film is setting the box office on fire. 

It's clear that Marvel has a massive new franchise on their hands. From the onset, the Black Panther movie has been a cultural phenomenon. Now, the latest comic book film continues to set new financial records for the hero from Wakanda. Destroying every new release in its path, it has officially entered the top ten domestic box office earners of all time. 

Hitting the $400 million in only ten days, it was already clear that the movie was a juggernaut. Now, in its third weekend, it's crossed $501 million with ease. It now sits at the number ten spot but has its sights set on dominating Beauty and the Beast (number nine), Rogue One (number eight) and The Dark Knight (number seven) in the next few weeks. If it continues its streak, it will easily pass the total haul for The Last Jedi and could even knock The Avengers from its number five position.