Comics: Babyteeth #9 - Reviewed

Babyteeth #9 is out now

In case you missed the first 8 episodes, this series by AfterShock follows seventeen-year-old Sadie, and her one-year-old baby Clark, who happens to be the anti-Christ. There is a secret organization called Silhouette that is determined to kill the baby before he grows up and can end this world as we know it. Babyteeth #9 starts off with a bang as a man known only as The Coyote, breaks into the compound where Sadie, Clark, and her family are taking refuge. The Coyote is a member of the Silhouette and is bent on destroying the compound and everyone inside. Will Sadie and her baby survive?

Donny Cates (God Country, The Paybacks, Interceptor) incorporates a dry sarcastic humor into his writing, which I personally enjoy. The characters in this comic are very well done and Sadie’s dad and sister complement each other beautifully. Sadie’s dad, also known as the Captain, is by far my favorite character, with his quick wit and gung-ho attitude. He is extremely loyal to both his daughters, Sadie and Heather, as well as his grandson Clark, and is not afraid to fight for those he loves. Heather is a great character too. She might be a little rough around the edges and gets into trouble at times, but she’s highly intelligent and devoted to her family and keeping them safe. The antagonist, Dancy, is the perfect villain, from his beast-like body to his aggressive outlook to the language that he uses.

Garry Brown (Catwoman, Batman, Green Arrow) is an amazing artist. While his minimalist style lacks great detail, the expressions he creates on the characters’ faces are spot-on and extremely lifelike, especially his rendering of Christine and Clark. The way he captures raw emotion is truly impressive. The coloring by Mark Englert is perfect as the heavy use of red gives a nice foreshadowing of Clark's future as the anti-Christ and his association with Satan and Hell. The best example of this can be found on the bottom of page 7 where you see everything in red as the demon guardian raccoon sets the people on fire and creates utter chaos. Another great use of color is on page 14 where you see where Sadie is being kept for the first time. The whole room is almost white in color, which is a symbol for purity. To me, this reflects Sadie’s innocence and youthfulness.

This comic is extremely well written and compelling. If you haven’t started it yet, I highly recommend picking it up. Episode #9 comes out March 21, 2018.

-Amy Walker-LaFollette