Comics: Betrothed #1 - Reviewed

Betrothed #1 is out now
From the writer of The Few, Sean Lewis creates a brand new love story that is definitely not Romeo and Juliet! The comic opens by introducing the main characters Tamara and Kieron, two seniors in high school, fighting one another in which Tamara, punches Kieron in the face which makes him lose a tooth. About mid-way through you discover this is a foreshadowing of their destiny, as both of them discover that in a parallel universe they are leaders of armies from another dimension that are constantly at war with each other. In a more bizarre twist, in 9 days when they turn eighteen, they are to be betrothed to one another as a way of bringing peace to their world, which is a world full of magic and science.

The comic does a really good job of introducing the conflict surrounding the characters. Not only is there external conflict, as shown by the first frame in the comic, but in one particular scene, both characters are wrestling with themselves in the fact that they feel drawn to the other in an unexplainable way, which causes internal conflict as well. There is a definite attraction there, but neither understand why they feel so connected. While it’s obvious that the two characters have a love/hate relationship with each other, the comic doesn’t really expand much on who the characters are or their personalities. Where they come from does not appear to be fully developed either. While the story is intriguing and wonderfully imaginative, I’m hoping that the characters and their home planet are more developed in the next episodes to come. I’m also personally hoping for more romance within the comic, as despite the multiple references to Romeo and Juliet within the comic, it doesn’t delve too deep into the romantic aspect of Tamara and Kieron’s relationship which is kind of ironic given the fact the title is called betrothed. Still, the story is interesting and funny which makes it a fun read. I think it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few episodes.

The illustrations by Steve Uy (Uncanny X-Men, Avengers Initiative, Grumpy Cat) are truly amazing. He adds a lot of manga influence, which is something I personally enjoy. The colors he uses are very bright and vibrant and brilliantly done, from the beautiful blue waterfall to the way the characters shine as they travel back to their home planet. Also, the action scenes are stunning with great graphics, which is where I think his talents truly shine. I’d recommend this comic for anyone who enjoys sci-fi, drama, and action. Betrothed #1 is out now from AfterShock Comics.

-Amy Walker-LaFollette