Comics: Black-Eyed Kids Volume 3 Trade Paperback - Reviewed

Black-Eyed Kids Volume 3 from AfterShock

From Joe Pruett (X-Men Unlimited, Cable) comes this amazing horror comic that combines elements from Children of the Corn with Invasion of the Body Snatchers. The final Volume in season one, Volume 3 continues to tell the bone-chilling story of the Black-Eyed Kids. These demonic children seemingly started appearing out of nowhere in a small town with no real purpose. For the inhabitants of this tiny mid-western town, these kids are no legend, they are undeniably real. And what is more, they are trying to destroy the human race. In Volume 3, it is up to a small group of what at first glance might seem like random individuals to fight back against the black-eyed kids. However, it becomes increasingly clear throughout the comic that, like the movie Magnolia, each of them are connected to each other in some way.

While the comic is based on a modern legend of supposed supernatural beings that take the shape of young children with pale skin and black eyes, this story has its own unique twist. The adults are the ones who really make this comic so delightfully good in my opinion. My personal favorites are Gus, Randy, and Meredith. I love Gus’s raw emotion and his genuine care for the other members of his team. Randy is all about fighting for those he loves and is not afraid to risk his life in order to save others. While Meredith can’t remember a lot about her past, she comes into her own by the middle of the comic and owns who she is and fights back with a vengeance.

Szymon Kudranski's (Spawn, Penguin: Pain and Prejudice, The Dark Knight) art helps to create a wonderfully chilling environment with the creepy illustrations that he provides. The graphic imagery in the action scenes produce a truly disturbing feel that is not easily forgotten. While one would think that since most of the scenes happen at night or in dark places, the images could look bland or boring, they are anything but. Instead, his use of dark colors and earthy tones give off an unsettling feeling and each image is perfectly shaded to create an almost other worldly feel where you’re constantly on edge wondering what is next. If you enjoy a good horror story, you will love this comic. Volume 3 of this horror comic from AfterShock Comics collects #11-15 and is out now. 

-Amy Walker-LaFollette