Comics: Green Hornet #1 - Reviewed

This first issue begins with a very well written narration by a core character, filling in new readers with all the necessary tidbits they need to engage with the story. In short, the audience finds out that the Green Hornet we all know and love is missing, and his absence is leaving a noticeable impact on Century City. 

This single fact is enough to keep the momentum and suspense going for an entire issue, and Amy Chu does a good job of actually making the readers care for the fate of the Green Hornet, even if this is their first introduction to the character. The overarching presence of the character’s legacy hovers strongly over the book. 

The art really depends on the taste of the reader. While some may dig it, the borderline animated/cartoony look to the characters leaves one a bit wanting, but in terms of background and landscapes, the work presented here is quite good. 

As the cover makes abundantly clear, a female Green Hornet steps in to fill the void in the closing pages. The reader is hooked in to find out how this new heroine will fare out, and the mystery of the real Green Hornet’s whereabouts still endures. A quick and enjoyable read, one that gets the job well done. 

-Berk Koca