Comics: Grimm Fairy Tales: Tarot #5 - Reviewed

New from Zenescope is Tarot #5

The battle between the Order of Light and the forces of darkness continues in this simple tale of good vs. evil that in some ways thematically parallels the mythology of Star Wars.

After suffering a defeat in battle in the first few pages, Talisman and the Order of Light manage to escape and regroup, with the intention of staging a final assault on the Order of Tarot. With the one-eyed emperor having his sight set on destroying the Grimm Universe, Brusha makes it clear to the audience that he must be stopped at all costs. The issue itself picks up threads of the last installment while drawing readers in with an opening sequence that shows the utter depravity of the bad guys.

It’s clear that Brusha is amping up the tension towards the climax of the story, but things move a little too quickly at first. The dialogue is serviceable but cliché, and there does not seem to be much depth to the characters. The artwork, however is quite good, and manages to depict action sequences very well.

While making an interesting use of occult themes and ending on a provocative note, this story thus far does not break any new ground. Therefore, if you’re looking for something innovative, you’re better off reading something else, but if good artwork backed up by decent eye candy is your thing, then this just might be the series for you.

-Berk Coka