Comics: Peek-a-Boo #1 - Reviewed

Peek-a-Boo #1 from Zenescope

In the canyons of Peek-a-Boo, Utah lies a mysterious evil that seems intent on killing all those who trespass its terrain. Quite brutally, in fact, if the introductory pages are anything to go by.

In true horror-film fashion, we are treated to a graphic kill sequence that sets up the stakes for the poor band of campers who arrive in this God-forsaken terrain. All the traditional horror tropes are in play here, from douchebag characters to the sex scene that leads directly to the murder of the eloping couple. If one didn’t know better, this could have easily been based on an unused screenplay from the horror genre.

The characters are well established through Rau’s writing, and the mood is ominous from the get-go. One of the characters recounts a legend concerning an Indian tribe that haunts Peek-a-Boo, and the audience is given enough information to ponder over what exactly is going on. The art is excellent on all counts and does the genre justice, especially in its depiction of the less savory aspects of the human condition.

I’m not one for graphic violence in my comics or films, but any fan of horror would do well to give this series a try.

-Berk Koca