Comics: Pumpkinhead #2 - Reviewed

Pumpkinhead #2 is out now

Pumpkinhead, the demon of vengeance, has been given free reign in our world. From Dynamite Entertainment, Pumpkinhead #2, written by Cullen Bunn, continues with Pumpkinhead terrorizing those who were responsible for the deaths of two children. However, in a new twist, the last three people who have been marked by the demon have their own ideas on how to stop Pumpkinhead. Out of their own anxiety and will to live, they turn to Haggis’s sister for help. Is it actually possible to kill Pumpkinhead? Or will trying to stop him unleash more evil into the world?

In this issue, the characters are more developed than in the prior issue, and I have a feeling that they will keep becoming more well-rounded as the issues go on. My personal favorite characters are Bedelia, Lucas, and Clayton, which are the last of the ones who had been marked. Their personalities really stand out in this issue and the dynamic between the three characters are what make them so relatable. While they might be the antagonists in the story, they are portrayed in such a way that one cannot help but sympathize with them and hope that they can stop Pumpkinhead in time.

The illustrations by Blacky Sheperd are amazing! Page 4 picks up where issue #1 left off showing Pumpkinhead in all his glory. The epic fight scenes have blood and gore and keep you enthralled, entertained, and interested. The scenes that I was hoping for regarding Pumpkinhead in issue #1 came to fruition in issue #2. Not only is the artwork on Pumpkinhead amazing, but the characters themselves are truly a testament to Sheperd’s ability. Their large hollow eyes and sickly looking bodies bring out a terror completely by themselves apart from Pumpkinhead, which makes the story even better. The coloring by Thiago Ribeiro is flawless. He creates the perfect atmosphere with the intense colors that he uses, and takes hues that would normally be soothing and gives them an eerie feeling. An example of this is on page 20, with his use of the color blue. While blue is often thought of as calming, his use of shadows and lighting with the blue give it an unearthly feel creating a terrifying scene. He utilizes shades well to express certain feelings and tone. Sheperd and Ribeiro make a good team.

The entire comic is extremely well done with great detail and the continuing mini-story at the end of the comic is a special treat. If you haven’t read issue #1, I highly recommend picking it up along with this issue, which came out March 14, 2018.

-Amy Walker-LaFollette