Comics: Robyn Hood #3 - Reviewed

New from Zenescope
Continuing the occult themes of the Zenescope brand, this issue has the obviously female Robyn Hood contend with a mystical evil that has re-emerged to wreck havoc in her life. In the mean time, brutal murders are being committed against former criminals by seemingly dead zombies. But we see in the end that one of the characters, who always seemed to be more sinister than he led on, is behind these series of deaths. As to what purpose, the reader must wait for the next issue to find out.

While being a big fan of Chuck Dixon’s Batman work, the reader couldn’t help but elicit a big yawn at the tale being told here; echoes of “been here, done that” hover above the entire work. The art is serviceable, and it has a penchant of displaying graphic violence in quite a gruesome fashion, if that’s your thing.

Perhaps this might be attractive enough for fans of the horror/occult genre, but audiences wouldn’t be missing out on much if they gave this a pass.

-Berk Koca