Images: Character Concept Art From the Scrapped Star Wars: Battlefront IV

Some new images from the scrapped Battlefront IV have been released online today by Imgur user Lukelandwalker

After the successes of Battlefront and Battlefront II, Lucasarts was in the planning stages of Battlefront III. Sadly, the game never came to fruition. When Disney acquired the Lucasfilm brand in 2012, they scrapped Lucasarts which meant no more Battlefront for years to come. Eventually, developers Free Radical Design picked up the brand. The company states that Battlefront III had almost been completed by Lucasarts before shutting down, which meant for all intents and purposes their next game would technically be a Battlefront IV. Once again, the game was shut down prior to release. 

Now we finally get to take a look at what an evil Chewbacca and a dark side Luke would have looked like in the game format. 

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