News: 1990 B-Movie Ghoul School Gets Deluxe Treatment In New Comic Book & DVD Combo

Home Entertainment Label Camp Motion Pictures has announced the first volume in a new line of comics inspired by shot-on-video and independent micro-budget 80s and 90s horror - the Ghoul School Deluxe Comic and DVD Collection. 

Executive produced through cult film director David DeCoteau’s Young Filmmaker Initiative program through his company Cinema Home Video – also responsible for popular micro budget features Skinned Alive and Robot Ninja (and others) - Ghoul School was a minor hit when released to Home Entertainment on VHS in 1990 despite – or perhaps because - of its low budget, campy practical FX, over-the-top gore and workman-like script. Ghoul School was shot on 16mm film by cinematographer Michael Raso, owner of Camp Motion Pictures, who had previously collaborated with Ghoul School director Timothy O’Rawe on the 1989 "lost film" The Basement.

Ghoul School was eventually released on DVD by J.R. Bookwalter through his Tempe Home Entertainment Label, then again by Camp Motion Pictures as part of its “Retro 80s” line, featuring a robust assortment of HG Lewis-inspired student shorts also produced by Raso and O’Rawe. Now, this absurdly entertaining movie DVDdrive-in stated “has to be seen to be believed” is poised to astonish a new generation of gore-hounds through this affordable, collectible Comic Book and DVD incarnation. Raso said that:

“None of us involved with the horror short films or Ghoul School back in the day could have predicted the enduring appeal of these films – we were simply excited to have an opportunity to pay tribute to the films and filmmakers who inspired us to pick up a camera. We hope that horror fans and aspiring filmmakers enjoy Ghoul School half as much as we did Blood Feast and the many other schlock-tastic films we read about in Fangoria…the blood-soaked shot-on-film shorts included in the release are worth the price alone!”

 Camp Motion Pictures kicks off its horror comics series with Volume 1, the gore-tastic Ghoul School Comic and DVD collection! Illustrated with additional stor by radio personality and cartoonist Noel Scotch Anderson, the comic complements the do-it-yourself 1990 splatter-comedy gem Ghoul School in which two high school flunkies accidentally release toxic chemicals into a school’s water supply, turning everyone who comes in contact with the lethal brew into flesh-hungry members of the walking dead! The only hope for survival for this high school gone to hell is a pair of nerds and a talent-challenged metal band – if only they can make it out of lunch room in one piece. Featuring Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling, New York television personality Joe Franklin, and introducing Ivan Sergei (Charmed, The Break-Up). Check out the DVD specifications and trailer below.

Ghoul School DVD includes:

 Ghoul School feature film 
Original Fundraising Promo (1988) 
Making of Ghoul School (1990) 
DVD Cover Photo Shoot (2006)
Commentary Overload! (3 commentary tracks!!!)

Say No To Drugs (1987 - student gore film) 
Halloween Tale (1987 – fundraising gore film)
 Halloween Tale Bloopers 
Halloween Takeover (1989 - local cable TV show) 
Dead Weight (1990 - unreleased featurette directed by John Fedele)