News: 42nd Street Pete Announces Two New Vintage Film Collections & Autobiography

Welcome to the grindhouse

Alternative Cinema has announced two new upcoming vintage adult film compilations in its ongoing collaboration with 42nd Street Pete - 42nd Street Pete Presents Bad Barbara Grindhouse Double Feature and 42nd Street Pete's Hot for Teacher 1970s 3-Film Collection. Both will be available at the Midwest’s premiere fan show, Cinema Wasteland. On hand at the event will be the curator and spokesperson for the line, 42nd Street Pete, also promoting his recently published autobiography, A Whole Bag of Crazy: Sordid Tales of Hookers, Weed and Grindhouse MoviesThe label has also confirmed that it has reduced the cost of both new and catalog releases from this line, with most single and double DVD collections now priced at $19.99. 

Launched in 2006, the 42nd Street Pete series of vintage adult grindhouse films has been one of the most popular and enduring series on the After Hours home entertainment label. Pete’s gruff and unapologetic insight into the gritty NYC of the 70s has clearly resonated with consumers of vintage adult entertainment and those nostalgic for the picturesque seediness of The Deuce and Times Square of yore. As Pete himself has remarked, “be happy I lived through it for you, and you can watch these now from the comfort of your home.” 

Pete’s new releases Bad Barbara Grindhouse Double Feature and 42nd Street Pete's Hot for Teacher 1970s 3-Film Collection will be available nationally May 8 and July 10 respectively; however, if you can’t make it to Cinema Wasteland to pick up an autographed copy, you can pre-order yours at a reduced price here.

42nd Street Pete Presents Bad Barbara Grindhouse Double Feature SRP $29.95 - Pre-Order Price $19.95 

Before her roles in high-profile Golden Age films Barbara Broadcast and The Violation of Claudia, Sharon Mitchell cut her teeth in a series of east coast one-day-wonders, long thought lost in the ruins of the grindhouse circuit. We are proud to present two of these films, available for the first time to home entertainment: Bad Barbara (1976), presented here with Sharon Mitchell's very first adult film Too Young to Care (1975), featuring Vanessa Del Rio. 

Bad Barbara (1976) - Sharon Mitchell is the titular character and narrator, Barbara, a baby sitter for the Harris family. Barbara baby-sits for Roger, the special needs adult brother of family patriarch, Mr. Harris. Things get out of hand quick when we find out that the Harris' are swingers, and that swinging is the least of their wacky, fetishistic traits! Featuring "Edge of Night" soap opera star Dennis Parker (as Wade Nichols) and Susan McBain (Rollerbabies). 

 Too Young to Care (1975) (Movie title card: The Horny Landlady) - 1970s adult icon Vanessa Del Rio plays a spinster land lady in New York City. She forbids her tenants to have male visitors, but tenant Carrie (Sharon Mitchell) sneaks her boyfriend Stoney (Bobby Astyr) into her room. After Carrie leaves for another date, the landlady finds a sex mag in her room and fantasizes about love and lust. When Carrie finds her in her room, she confesses she is repressed. Carrie helps by sending her to a psychiatrist but doesn't know that he's prescribing much more than advice!

Extras on this double feature release include a 60 minute 2012 Cinema Wasteland Grindhouse Panel Discussion featuring Sharon Mitchell and "Tales from the Deuce", an audio conversation with 42nd Street Pete and film historian Michael Bowen. Available Nationwide May 8, 2018.

42nd Street Pete’s Hot for Teacher 1970s 3-Film Collection – SRP $29.99 - Our Price $19.99 

Three Rare Grindhouse Films from The Deuce! Hand-picked by 42nd Street Pete, this three-film collection includes rare vintage smut films previously screened in the ‘70s in grindhouse theaters like those of the infamous section of NYC’s 42nd street, The Deuce. Sourced from the original theater film prints, and now available for the first time for your home theater. Includes intro by 42nd Street Pete and all-new bonus loop from

Class of 69 (1970) – Our lead tells her husband that she ran into an old friend, Brenda at her High School Reunion. In flashbacks, Brenda shoots pool and tells of her sexual adventures while under the influence of pot, LSD, and more! As the stories get wilder, the husband is getting hornier which starts their own in-bed party! 

Once and for All (1977) - Bill (Alan Marlow) is the football hero, Sue (Cedar Houston) is the cheerleader who is “saving herself” for when she marries Bill. Meanwhile, Chuckie just got seduced by new teacher, Mrs. Evans (played by NYC porn legend Ultramax). Chuckie’s not alone. Mrs. Evans teaches sweet Sue some cheerleader moves and a lot more! Corrupt by her new-found skills, Sue decides she’s going all the way with not just Bill but with the entire football team! 

After School Exams (1973) Penthouse Pet Brigitte Maier heads up this early seventies steamer involving a recording studio, a funk band and all the sex, drugs and rock and roll you’d expect in the sick, sick Seventies.

Bonus Loop – 42nd Street Pete introduces a tantalizing "loop" of his friend Ginger from Available nationwide July 10, 2018.