Televised Horror: Five Genre Films That Could Be Turned Into An Event Series

With so many horror properties being turned into television shows, we take a look at five more genre brands that could be turned into epic new series. 

The Omen: Tracing the roots of a young Damien, the story of the demon child could be spread out over a multi-season arc showing exactly how he evolves from a youth into a domineering political leader with evil intentions. Culminating in the final days of Earth, the story of The Omen would be an evolved series that hits on current political themes, mass hysteria, and religious undertones. Considering how timeless this tale is, it could be set in modern timeframe, mirroring topics that we deal with on a daily basis. 

The Conjuring: Much like The X-Files, the characters of Ed and Lorraine Warren could (and should) go on weekly adventures solving the mysteries of the paranormal. Obviously, the actors would have to be recast. But this could be an ongoing series that would watch the husband and wife team dive head first into many of the artifacts that were on display in the movies. While much of what they actually experienced in real life was glorified, the stories of their excursions could make for an excellent weekly show. 

A Nightmare On Elm Street: Dream Warriors: The world needs more Freddy Krueger. He's been missing from screens since the nearly disastrous remake, meaning he needs to make a huge comeback. In many cases, the evolution of a classic character doesn't need to be told. Yet, in the case of Krueger, there could be an expanded back story that traces his roots, his demise in human form, and his new career as a dream lurking killer. Throughout an event series, Freddy would continue to haunt the children of the parents that killed him. Eventually, a new batch of Dream Warriors would show up and spend a season or so trying to dispatch the finger bladed dream murderer. This could go in so many directions.

Creepshow: Who doesn't love a great anthology? Right? Expanding on what the movies already created, Creepshow could fill the void that we so need right now. Instead of doing multiple stores per episode, a new version would be a limited episode horror genre series in the vein of Black Mirror. Bringing it to a service like Netflix of Amazon could be an excellent fit that would use plots based on existing Stephen King material or content that would fit in the context of his creations. There aren't many great horror shows right now. Creepshow could be a cool addition to fill a void in televised programming. 

Alien: I know. Blasphemy, right? Considering that Ridley Scott's cinematic world of Xenomorphs is pretty much dead in the water, it might be a cool angle to spin off into a limited run series that goes back to the roots of where the saga began.    
When an exploration in space goes sideways, things start to bleed acid. A rag tag group of Colonial Marines sets out to save a missing crew. Sound familiar? But this time we get some back story about our heroic cast of down and out military Alien hunters. Flashbacks establish our characters and their training. Little do they know that while they're away on their mission, the aliens have reached Earth and have begun laying eggs. The story could be told from two perspectives. One on Earth. One in space. The story could conclude with all out war between the humans and Xenos for dominance of our planet. I just intrigued myself.