Trailers: Trailer, Poster & Stills For Fear, Love, and Agoraphobia Starring Lori Petty

This is a trailer, poster and stills for Fear, Love, and Agoraphobia

From writer-director Alex D'Lerma comes the critically acclaimed and award-winning story of an agoraphobic man and a female marine struggling to overcome paralyzing circumstances. It stars Lori Petty (Orange is the new Black, Point Break), Dustin Coffey (2 Broke Girls) and Linda Burzynski (Animal Kingdom). It will be released on VOD April 13th from Leomark Studios. Check out the synopsis, trailer, and images below. 

"Chet is a 28 year old agoraphobic man and still lives with his mother. When Mom moves away Chet has to get a roommate. Enter Maggie. A volatile female Marine with her own personal issues. The two become emotionally entangled as they struggle to escape from their self-made prisons."